Drive Modes

There are five types of drive mode; single, continuous, self-timer (10), self-timer (2), self-timer continuous.

To change the drive mode press the left directional button with the drive and timer mode icon: Select the desired drive mode with the directional keys and press the 'Set' button.


In this mode when the shutter button is pressed just one picture is taken.


When the shutter button is pressed and held the camera will take a continuous sequence of shots until the button is released or the memory buffer becomes full.

(N.B. aprox. 3 shots per second is the maximum rate for most Canon EOS cameras when shooting JPEGs)

Self-timer (10)

When the shutter button is pressed the camera will wait 10 seconds before taking the picture. The camera will beep and the front indicator light will flash to signify the count down. When the beep and the light become continuous there are 3 seconds remaining before the picture is taken.

Self-timer (2)

In this mode when the shutter button is pressed the camera waits 2 seconds before taking the shot. This might seem quite a pointless mode but this is a lot more useful than some people may realise. If you are taking a picture using a tripod there will be some camera shake associated with pressing the shutter button. To combat this many people use a shutter release cable, but the 2 second self-timer mode is an excellent, cheaper and more mobile solution.

Self-timer: Continuous

In this mode the camera will wait 10 seconds after the shutter button is pressed before taking the picture. It will then take between 2 and 10 pictures depending on the number set. To change the number of pictures the camera will take press the button and scroll across to 'Self-timer: Continuous' and then using the 'Up' and 'Down' arrows select the desired number of shots to be taken and confirm the selection with the 'Set' button.