Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB)

Exposure bracketing is a very useful feature that lets you take three picture as at predefined exposure stops. Typically it is at +1, 0 and -1 ev, but it can be anything between -1/3, 0, +1/3ev and -2,0 and +2 in 1/3 increments. But why is this useful? There are two main reasons why you may choose exposure bracketing:

1) You are unsure of which exposure is going to work best for a scene. You set your exposure bracketing and you take 3 pictures one after another, each at different exposure stops.

2) You want to make an HDR image because the scene has too much dynamic range for your camera's sensor to cope with. You take a series of pictures containing elements in each that are properly exposed, and later combine them to make one image using elements from the 3 original images. To learn how to make HDR images click here.

How to setup AEB

1) Press the menu button on the back of your camera.

2) Scroll to the right until you reach 'Camera Settings 2' and select the 'AEB' option with the 'Set' button.

3) Set the gap between the stops by using the 'Left' and 'Right' Directional keys. Confirm your selection with 'Set' button.

Your camera screen should now show something like this:

Camera display showing AEB set for -1,0 and +1

You're ready to go! If you are in 'Single Shooting' drive mode you will need to press and release the shutter button three times to take a picture at each exposure stop. If you are on 'Continuous Shooting' drive mode you only need to press and hold the shutter button and all three shots will be taken continuously.

N.B. The sequence order for bracketed shots is; standard,decreased, increased.
From left to right: -2 AEB, 0 AEB, +2AEB